​Internet Relay Chat usually prefixed as IRC is a form of communication used by many projects in many categories like Gaming, Open-Source, Chat, Programming even Businesses. The easiness of IRC where you type in a box to send a message is simple. here have been many new additions to IRC since it came around, things like CTCP, DCC and many more technologies have been implemented since the start of IRC.

How it works Edit

IRC is simply a Protocol that Sockets use. There are many commands that you can us to send messages, DCC's and CTCP's using these programs. You can even IRC from telnet and use the IRC protocol to make a IRC Client. There are many Protocol Types other than the default protocol for clients that things like IRC Servers use to link together or many more.

Networks Edit

IRC Networks are simply a tree of servers working together to make a small network of servers that clients can connect to. Many Networks like freenode have one central address to connect to, that will change to connect to a certain server to balance connections out. These are called round-robins. Some Networks that may be starting up or may not have the funds to find a server to host a IRCd will only have one server, and they are still called networks, though. The only disadvantage of this is that if the server shuts down, it cannot save any channel modes or topics.

IRCd's Edit

IRC Daemons are the heart of IRC Servers. Without the daemon, you do not have a server. There are many IRCd's around and many have their advantages and disadvantages. There are many IRCd's that are well known and usually the developers of the IRCd will recommend a particular services package.

Services Edit

Some IRC Networks do not have a Services package. Services packages consist of usual robots that manage your nickname, like NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, OperServ, InfoServ, SaslServ and many more robots will manage the network. There are some exceptions like QuakeNet's Q bot or maybe even freenode's syn bot which is not technically services or part of a package, but it manages the network